LAV manufactures a wide range of projection screens for commercial, educational and professional applications.

Established since 1976, we serve the Government & Educational sectors, Commercial as well as the Entertainment markets with passion and commitment. 

In 1990, LAV became Singapore’s first full-fledged manufacturer of projection screens. Our in-house team of experts in the various fields relating to the industry, provide synergy in the cycle of product development.

Made in Singapore with strict adherence to our quality policy, we only use the best screen fabric imported from the USA and Europe to ensure value for money.

LAV Screens are designed and manufactured using strict quality controls to meet International Standards. At the same time, we treat our customers as partners and look into their needs as a constant source of motivation to improve our products that will propel us into a new era of next-generation screens.

We are committed to serve and to strive for excellence through continuous product research development that results in better customers’ satisfaction.