LAV Pinnacle Pro 10A Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screen

LAV Pinnacle Series is a fusion of technology and art that will make any business presentation and home entertainment images more exciting than ever.

LAV Pinnacle Pro 10A is built with a powerful motor in a robustly constructed but elegantly designed casing. The side strings apply tension all around ensuring an ultra-flat surface. Together with its beautiful curves and black borders on all sides features, enhance every projected image beautifully while ensuring  great and successful performances.

It's clever design allows for ease of installation and any future services and ensures smooth operation for many years.

LAV Pinnacle Pro 10A comes standard with LAV RF Wireless Remote Control System that is ready to link with any of the major brand control systems in the market.

Available in types of Premium Fabric:

  • Cinematt - Front Projection fabric for best image uniformity
  • 3D Screen fabric
  • Acoustically Transparent screen fabric
  • CineGrey - Rear Projection fabric for better contrast projection images

Uses: Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Training Centres, Home Theatres, Classrooms, Cinemas & Entertainment Venues.

Download Pinnacle Pro 10A Brochures Pdf Format

Sizes Available: Up to Max 10' (3m) Wide

Formats Available : 1:1 , 4:3 , 16:9 , 16:10 and Customised Sizes.

*Please contact us directly for Technical drawing/specs.