LAV Class 10A Motorized Screen

LAV Class 10A is a durable high quality Motorized screen suitable for any mid sized or large room.

The flame retardant matt white surface offers a wide viewing angle. It has a high level of flatness, resistant to fungus and mildew and cleans very easily.

Fitted with a powerful and heavy duty internal tubular motor, the screen will operate smoothly for many years. Its clever design allows for ease of installation and future services.

The specially designed brackets take less Installation time and are easy to be fixed to the wall, ceiling or pelmet. It also allows the adjustment of the screen's position after installation.

LAV Class 10A comes standard with LAV RF Wireless Remote Control System that is ready to link with any of the major brands control systems in the market.

Uses: Large Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Medium sized theatres , Large Classrooms & Entertainment Venues

Download Class 10A PDF Brochure here

Sizes Available:  9' to Max of 10' Wide

Formats available : 1:1 , 4:3 , 16:9 , 16:10 and Customized Sizes.

*Contact us directly for Technical drawings/specs.